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plants and garden

"My Philosophy is to always have a desire to become a whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually"


Health. Clarity. Renewed energy. Replacing unhealthy patterns with positive change. The benefits of Herbal Medicine are as individual as the patients I serve. Our therapeutic relationship starts with the recognition that you are unique with particular issues and desired outcomes.


I work in a rural setting attached to my home and garden. This connection with my home and garden is important to me, providing a safe, private, nurturing place to treat my patients.

"My Mission Statement is to provide a warm, safe place for you to reconnect to your body and to experience, with the help of herbs, the innate power within yourself to heal."

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Modern life can challenge us from time to time, compromising our energy and health. Mother Nature with her food, plants and herbs provides a constant supply and opportunity for healing. In my practise as a herbalist, I am passionate about reconnecting people with Mother earth and experience her unconditional love and healing.

I appreciate you visiting my website and encourage you to call or email so that I can answer any further questions you may have.
Warmest wishes,